DSU Track and Field’s ‘New Normal’

Maysha Foster

Delaware State University’s Track team returns to competition on Saturday, February 5th, after one year. Unfortunately, the team was not able to compete for so long due to the long lasting Coronavirus.

As a student-athlete on the Delaware State Track and Field team, it has been hard to stay patient and motivated due to the circumstances.

Head Coach Stephan Kimes continues to push for one goal and that goal was to train his athletes to continue to be the best and train hard despite these changes. 

A year ago, the team was allowed to gather without much precautions, travel with no fears, lift in bigger groups, and of course, was able to freely compete. Since coming back in August, practice routines have changed.

On the field, the athletes have to keep a 6ft distance apart from each other during the entirety of practice. They also have to wear masks, which can be difficult. When it comes to lifting, there are only a certain amount of students in the weight room at a time. After every use of an item, they are required to wipe the equipment down. In the weight room, masks must be worn at all times, no excuses.

One student stated “ The new rules don’t really bother me as much as I thought they would, because I know we have to be safe, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss how things used to be.”

On campus, student athletes have been required to take two covid tests a week and temperature checks everyday in order to participate. 

Just as of Monday February 8th, the health department now requires student athletes to take three tests a week, Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This Covid test is now a spit test which has quicker results.

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