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DSU Students and Faculty Adjusting to ‘New Normal’

Maysha Foster

The week of January 18th, Delaware State University students returned to school. Due to nearly a year long coronavirus outbreak, students are to adjust to their new normal on campus.

Student life on campus, before the virus, used to be much simpler as many would say. Things such as sitting in groups to eat, going to games, having parties, visitors, or even physically being in class have all been taken away. 

While some students have returned to school, many have not. With classes being held strictly online and the virus cases going up, many parents and students are more comfortable with them being at home. A student at DSU stated “ Living on campus is so boring now. I hate the rules and I’m tired of walking around with these masks on all day. I know it’s for the best but I feel like my college experience is being away from me. It’s also hard to concentrate being in my dorm room trying to focus on zoom”. 

Professors are also having a hard time adjusting to the changes . Now more than ever, blackboard collaboration and zoom have been used, forcing professors to teach online. Students and professors have complained about poor connection on either ends, technical difficulties, and trying to keep everyone engaged through a screen. 

Many are to believe that this change will be permanent while others are still in hopes that things will eventually go back to normal. 

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