Delaware to Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Supply, Aiming to Provide More to Minorities

Da’Vonne Duncan

Delaware’s plans to enhance its COVID-19 vaccine distribution will focus on people of color, who make up the smallest percentage of individuals who received the vaccine, state representatives revealed on Tuesday.

Out of approximately 100,000 people who received the vaccine in Delaware, 4% were Black, 2% were Hispanic/Latino, and 1% were Asian, while 38% were white, based on statistics provided by the Division of Public Health.

On Jan. 23, the Delaware Division of Public Health hosted a vaccine event in Georgetown. Volunteers in Sussex County were seen guiding cars into inspection lines and injecting the vaccines. Volunteer made an effort to document thousands of Delawareans who participated in the event.

31% recipients have an unknow race, while 23% are labelled as another race, due to providers not collecting all data required for vaccine reporting. Gov. John Carney is predicted to establish a plan guaranteeing all providers are collecting demographic and race information, according to state officials.

Hospitals in Delaware will be granted 4,000 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to give to senior citizens and health care workers employed at their facilities. First responders have been given their second dose of the vaccine on Feb. 3, according to officials. 

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