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Spring Semester Starts with Stringent Covid-19 Protocols at DSU

Students have returned back to the campus of Delaware State University for the spring semester ready for the start of classes. The move-in process to come back to campus has been completely changed due to the “new normal” the world is forced to live in. 

Aliyah Williams, Junior, had this to say about the move-in process: “I honestly am not upset with how everything went. Our school is just trying to keep us safe from the virus.”

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The virtual semester resumed on Tuesday, January 19, 2021, where students on campus or at home began logging back onto Blackboard. Though the virtual classes were already in operation since last semester, there are still some students who are not quite acclimated to the online classroom.

Delaware State University has put this best foot forward when it comes to trying to accommodate their students in this new reality. The addition of being able to use Grubhub now with Flex dollars from the school is a great outlet that students have responded to positively. Wishing all the hornets a successful spring semester!

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