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The Biden Administration Has Positive Plans for Dreamers

Stephan Browne-Blackman

Joseph Biden and his administration took over on January 20, 2021. Even with it only happening recently, they already seem to have a plan for immigration.

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In an interview with NBC, Biden states that his immigration policy is “based around keeping families together.” This is quite a shift from the previous administration that was focused on deporting and jailing immigrants, regardless of what it meant for their relatives.

Biden’s immigration policy is said to include a direct pathway to citizenship, increased refugee admissions, and even creating a task force focused on reuniting families separated by border patrol.

But while all of this is wonderful for prospective immigrants and their families, what does this mean for those who are already here?

As the official President, one of the first things Biden did was issue an executive order, calling on the Secretary of Homeland Security to take all measures necessary to preserve and protect DACA. He also urged Congress to pass legislation that aligns itself with his plan to allow those living here illegally to apply for residency or citizenship after some years.

This, combined with the help of websites like offering the “Opportunity” scholarship, undocumented students will be given the chance to further their education like never before.

At DSU, DACA recipients are referred to as “Dreamers”. Why? Because that is precisely who they are. DSU’s DACA recipients are all people with a story and a dream. And they have chosen to come to one of the most diverse HBCU’s in the country to continue their education.

Sonia Heredia is a sophomore Mass Communications major at DSU. She is originally from Acapulco, Mexico. She came to America when she was only seven months old, but due to her status, life has been more difficult for her than most.

When questioned about what she sees for the future of DACA, she had one very specific wish in mind.

“The one big thing is that I want this administration to humanize us.” Heredia explained that using language like “alien” to describe illegal immigrants does nothing but dehumanize and separate them from us, making them an enemy.

She recounted a story that involved someone she knew. They were pulled over by a police officer and given a ticket for a “red light infraction.” Because of this ticket, they were deported. 

Heredia explained that the “no-tolerance” policy feels almost heartless when you consider how difficult it is to become a DACA recipient, let alone an American citizen.

“At some point,  you have to step back and consider the ‘humanness’ of it….I don’t think running a red light means that you are not human enough to stay here.”

The Biden Administration’s plan to make life easier for Dreamers seems to be quite progressive. This focus is an immense change from the previous administration. 

The plan from this administration seems to be to give hope to the current immigrants who call America “home” as well as the ones who wish to come here in the future.

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