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DSU Students Create Posters Promoting Self Care

Nia Campbell

The Fairy Godsisters of Delaware State University hosted a virtual program on January 27th. The program was entitled “Wellness Wednesday”, and is described as a weekly check in by the organization with the students of Delaware State.

 For this particular Wellness Wednesday, students were asked to create “Wellness Wednesday” posters promoting self care and healthy habits to improve one’s mindset for the semester.

The Fairy Godsisters informed students who created their posters that they would dedicate an Instagram post on their page, the work.

“Wellness Wednesday” instagram post made by a DSU student. Source: Instagram (@fairygodsistersofde)

“Instead of doing the usual  Wellness Wednesday [Instagram] live, I thought that we should do something creative like have people make a post on tips to get through the semester,” said Briana Dicks, Miss Fairy Godsister. The purpose of this activity was to have students share their ideas and tips on how to get through the semester without overworking oneself to the point of exhaustion.

“Mental health is something we all need to take seriously. Hopefully, these amazing posters will inspire students to take care of themselves and to finish the semester strong,” said Nia Johnson, president of the Fairy Godsisters.

“Wellness Wednesday” instagram post made by a DSU student. Source: Instagram (@fairygodsistersofde)

In total, there are 10 posters posted on the Fairy Godsisters’ instagram page. All detailing what students should do to maintain good mental health and good grades.

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