Donald Trump: First Ever President to be Impeached Twice

Sandra Santiago

In December of 2019 the House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump for offences described as seeking foreign interference in the U.S. election. Moving forward, Donald Trump was impeached once again on January 13, 2021. This time the reason was the attack on Capitol Hill. The House accused him of inciting the insurrection. The trial for the former President will start the week of February 8, 2021.

On January 6, 2021 in an attempt to stop the votes on who won the presidency, supporters of former President Trump attacked Capitol Hill.  As a result of the attack, there were injuries and fatalities. This led to the impeachment and trial.

Before the trial can commence, the Article of Impeachment must be sent to the Senate. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker has arranged, for the article to be handed in on Monday, January 25. There are still no certainties on who will lead the trial. USA Today wrote “that if John Roberts Chief Justice does not oversee the trial, it’s up to Kamala Harris or Patrick Leahy.”

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House of Representatives ((LISA MASCARO and MARY CLARE JALONICK. (2021, January 15). Trump’s impeachment trial pending, Republican leader Mitch McConnell calls it a ‘vote of conscience’

The trial is set for the second week of February. There is no exact time frame for the impeachment trial. However, CNN Politics wrote “that they don’t believe that the trial should go pass 21 days.” CNN Politics also clarified that Patrick Leahy is overseeing the trial and not John Roberts.

Donald Trump has made history being the first ever President to be impeached twice. In order to convict the former President, it would take 67 votes from the Senate. At the end of the day the trial is on its way and will process to deal with former President Donald Trump. With the looks of things in the Senate, the outcome of the trial is uncertain.

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