Causes of global warming and how to prevent it

Devynne Johnson

Global warming like anything that does not directly affect the human population, is constantly downplayed and ignored by the overall public population. There are some people that understand the drastic effects global warming has on the earth’s cumulative health and life span; but this is not for them.

The gradual overall increase of the earths atmospheric temperature over time due to the increased levels in natural and unnatural greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitro’s oxide and other pollutants, is what global warming is.

In simpler terms, global warming is when the earth gets hotter because of an increased level of natural gases and unnatural pollutions. Global warming focuses on the the long term effects and trends that come from the choices made by the human populace.

(This map shows the gradual change from the 20th century towards the 21st century and how warm the earth has become.)

Source: Google Images

Global warming is caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses or pollutants collections in the earth atmosphere collecting solar radiation as the sunlight bounces off the earth surface. Then as more pollutants and water vapor is absorbed into the atmosphere through evaporation it is rained back into the earth compounded with the extra pollutants stacked on top.

Fossil fuels are the leading cause of excessive carbon dioxide admissions and pollutions, with the production of fossil fuels there comes two billion tons of CO2 production a year. Transportation public or privet is not far behind are 1.7 billon tons of CO2 admissions. The United States makes up only 15% of the carbon emissions, while China makes up 28%, meaning that CO2 emissions are a whopping three times higher than the already three billion.

The effects of global warming are not just environmental but also has heath based and economic effects as well.)

As the earth gets warmer and the earth gets warmer sea levels begin to rise, and then there will be more water evaporation as the earth also gets hotter because water absorbs heat as ice reflects heat. While this is taking place, the animals that once inhabited that land are also dying, which throws off the earth’s natural life cycle as well and creates more pests which will find their way into human inhabited lands.

Global warming affects the health of the environmental but also the earth’s population; there are more space for the development of bacteria which will create more unknown and deadly pathogens such as Covid-19, more people are likely to acquire allergies and while the heat of the globe begins to rise causing wildfires and heat waves.

Some maybe wondering what exactly greenhouse gasses are — these gasses are the earth’s natural gasses that  are immitted from the atmosphere. Greenhouse gasses are the earth’s natural gasses that are immitted and closed through the earth’s surface and atmosphere during evaporation.

The earth’s natural gases are Carbon dioxide, Methane and small amounts of Nitro’s Oxide as previously stated, but as the saying goes “too much of a good thing, can be just as harmful as something bad.”

These  natural gasses absorb the inferred radiation produced by the earth which heats of the earth’s atmosphere causing global climate to increase and change, and it traps the heat in the earths. The presents of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere leads to a warmer surface area of the earth, and the cooling of the earth’s atmosphere above its atmospheric surface.

(Effects of greenhouse gasses on the atmosphere) Source: Google Images

With natural greenhouse gases the surface warms with earth’s natural atmospheric contents of Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water Vapor. But, enhanced Green House gas is caused by  human activity and has increased the amount of natural and unnatural greenhouse gasses, such as Nitro’s Oxide, that is being speculated and this is heating the earth’s surface by trapping the heat from the atmosphere in instead of releasing it.

One of the most affected places of global warming is the Artic, the ice caps are melting and rising the sea level of the earth over all. As the sea caps melt because of the heat, the polar animals are suffering as well. There is not enough ice to live on; it is also becoming too hot for animals adapted to cooler climates to survive and the food sources are becoming scarce as well.

The oceans are also absorbing more heat from the sun, making the water warm, which in turn is warming up the earth as it evaporates into the air. The pollutants put into the ocean are absorbed which causes acid rain, further warming the ice.

(polar bear starving due to food shortage and breaking ice caps)

All is not lost though, there is a way to turn these effects around, but it calls for immediate and consistent change overall. There has to be more information spread about the effects of global warming, there must be more renewable energy used in homes along with less heating and cooling alliances used in homes, reduction of waist overall, and a huge cut back on carbon use.

These solutions may sound small, but every recycled cup, electric car and solar powered home is working to make the earth a cooler and more livable place.

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