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The Faithful Black Men Association on DSU Campus Digging Deeper

Devynne Johnson

The Faithful Black Men Association (F.B.M.A), is a budding organization on Delaware State University campus started by seniors Corban Weatherspoon, Job Albar, and Sophmore David Hawkins in the Spring semester of 2019.

F.B.M.A is a coalition of all the male organizations on Del. State’s campus working effortlessly to improve, empower, and better the male student population. 

F.B.M.A’s initiative is to gain more male participation and involvement on campus, along with creating a space for growth while preparing the men of Delaware state with tools for success.

 The corresponding secretary of F.B.M.A, Tamon Frisby, graciously accepted the opportunity to talk about F.B.M.A and its overall impact. 

F.B.M.A. Members pose for a group photo after their meeting

“I wanted to be apart of the change. As I got deeper into it and saw what F.B.M.A truly was, I started to better myself as well. Through F.B.M.A. I was able to work on professional development, financial literacy, and emotional awareness,” Frisby stated. 

Frisby also stated, “ I think the biggest thing is just becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.” This is a powerful message that displays the reach that this organization can have while it grows. 

When asked about the top three aspects of the organization that are most appealing Frisby responded with, “brotherhood, professional development and networking” that comes with being in F.B.M.A. 

F.B.M.A. members at an event on DSU campus

The organization, Faithful Black Men Association, although small on Delaware state University campus is very mighty with a wide reach, and they are putting in the work that is needed for longevity and growth that will change the lives of many young men on Delaware State University’s campus. 

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