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Telfar Clemens finally getting recognized in the fashion industry

                                                                Telfar Clemens 

by Tionna Mcneill  on September 29

Telfar Clemens is a fashion designer from New York, who also happens to be Liberian. He is the creator of the luxury brand “Telfar,” which is also black owned. The brand was established in 2005.

Telfar is also a unisex brand with affordable prices, which adds to why the brand is very popular. The brand sells purses, shoes, jewelry, and durags. All of their items are under $300, which is quite shocking for a luxury brand. 

The most popular item that they sell are purses; they are also the hardest item to obtain. The purses sold by the brand have sold out, in under 10 minutes of its release, each time. 

The small bags, sold by Telfar are $150. The medium-sized bags are set at $200 and the large-sized bags are $250. The bags come in multiple colors, and are released at different times of the year.

During the middle of 2020, Telfar had a major issue with bots and resellers. People were using bots to purchase multiple bags, which only contributed to the bags being sold out quickly for the general public. 

Many people were disappointed and frustrated with resellers selling Telfar bags because they believed that it was harmful to the black-owned business and was unnecessary, since the price of the bag was originally affordable. Resellers were selling the bags for more than the original price.

The Telfar brand found a way to stop the resellers and bots by shutting down their website, temporarily and fixing the issue, in the meantime.

On August 19th, Telfar stated that “Every size and color will be available for unlimited pre order for 24 hours. Order your bags and we will make them for you, you will get it before January 15th.” Telfar made it easier for people to buy their bags, as a result of the bags being constantly sold out. Customers are expected to have their bags by 2021.

On September 18, Clemens also announced that he will be collaborating with the brand “UGG” and the products will be released in 2021. UGG is one of the most popular footwear brands, so this is considered a huge milestone for the Telfar brand, as a whole. 

Telfar Clemens

Telfar Clemens is continuing to branch out and make his brand even bigger than it currently is. Telfar is expected to take over the fashion industry. The brand is opening doors for other black owned brands.

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