Deciding whether to commute or reside on campus

Naomi Branch

There are many factors that go into deciding whether a college student is going to commute or live on campus; and once the decision is made, the experience is different for everybody. As a college sophomore, I went with the cheapest option. Being that I already have a full ride from academic scholarships, the better option was for me to commute.

Being a full time student during a pandemic is tasking in itself and will continue to add stress to students. Choosing a good environment for effective learning is crucial.

I interviewed two classmates — one a commuter, and the other, a resident– with the goal of gathering enough information to provide insight to incoming freshmen who are trying to decide where to live.

Different circumstances will determine whether a student resides on campus or commutes. For Senior Kasi Duke, she chose to commute because of it’s low price and the fact that she lives only 20 minutes away from campus. But for Junior Brandi Nichols, she chose to live on campus to avoid the inconvenience of having to make extra time for the drive from her house to school.

Senior Kasi Duke

For Duke, commuting had its advantages and disadvantages as she claimed that “the best part about commuting is being able to have my own space and getting away from school. The worst part about commuting is not always having time to go home after practice or workouts to shower before my next class.”

Nichols also provided a look into the advantages and disadvantages of residing on campus. She opined that ”the best part is that I have no curfew and don’t really have to get up early to drive the 30 minutes to class. The worst part is that kids act like they have no home-training and are loud for no reason. Also, sometimes the AC or heating is broken and that makes the building really uncomfortable to be in.”

When asked what they recommend for students, the girls had similar answers. Nichols believed commuting is better and said “I think commuting is better because you don’t have to pay for room & board or meals. You also don’t have to worry about other people being loud when you’re trying to sleep or study.”

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Map of Delaware State University

 Duke believed whatever is best for the student should be the option they choose: “I think it depends on the student and what they’re looking for in their college experience. If they want to be able to live on their own or live further away I think living on campus is a great idea. For others, it’s not a necessity.”

Insight into the differing experiences of students who choose to commute and students who choose to reside on campus is crucial when you are making the decision yourself.

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