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Make DSU Normal Again

Madison Holmes

All around the world, Covid-19 has disturbed the plan of many organizations, businesses, and most importantly, school. On Delaware State University campus, students were ecstatic to come back to school to gain normalcy through the struggle of Covid-19. Once they set foot on campus, nothing was the same.

Rules added on the existing ones are starting to puzzle returning students on campus. From having classes confined to their bedrooms and take-out food from the dining hall are unorthodox for Hornet Nation. But the most troubling thing that students can’t get over is that there will not be as many of our traditional events this year.

“I feel like this is not normal. This is definitely not what I expected when I was coming to school. It just seems so sad not seeing everybody walking outside and walking to the places they need to go,” said returning sophomore, Amia Watson. “We are literally locked in with nothing to do.”

Returning students harbor the memory of what used to be, but the incoming freshman have nothing to remember. Freshman will not experience fall homecoming, midnight breakfast, collegiate sport games, and many other events.

“It was no real shock to me because I expected it to be this way. Once high school shut down for me, I had to adjust to the new normal for me. So, once I got to DSU I was ok with it because I knew this was going to happen,” said incoming freshman, Taylor Moses-Blocker

Although the campus is going through withdrawals from no events, something great is coming. Announced on Instagram on September 16, students learned they will still be having the annual Hornet Market soon. The Integrity Administration is calling all students who have a business on campus to participate.

Hornet Market is a reoccurring event that happens normally, in the fall semester. Students who have businesses and want to inform campus are asked to participate. If willing, students have to apply through SGA to be considered a spot at the market. From there they will be allowed to have a table at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center to advocate for their business in the allotted time.

“I feel as though it’s another way to bring unity back to campus through these hard times and it is another way to showcase the talented people we have on campus,” said the SGA Corresponding Secretary, Essence Kellman. “By following the CDC guidelines and regulations, we (Integrity Administration) feel it would be a very successful event under the current circumstances.”

Not only will there be an on-campus Hornet Market, but a virtual version for all the students that are at home and still want exposure for their businesses when they do return. “I think nothing is normal about this campus right now, but this event is a step in the right direction. It’s going to help me gain presence on the campus with my business and have students, especially the freshman to interact with school businesses,” said business owner, Anisa Johnson.

“Once I saw the flyer dropped for the Hornet Market, I got excited. I can’t wait to see what the campus truly has to offer and to finally be around people,” said Moses-Blocker. Many great things are to come from this event. It is a chance for DSU to be normal again, giving students something to look forward to on campus.

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