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US Universities and Colleges Coping with Covid-19 Outbreak

Brittany Powell

During these times, many college students have returned back to the daily routine of college. Although some students may just be on campus and not having physical classes, other students are still having daily interactions with people. 

Some campuses are not abiding by the mandatory Covid-19 testing and that is making matters worse for some students since they are not sure if they are in an environment that is heavily tested positive with COVID-19. 

In many different states, certain colleges have had serious COVID-19 outbreaks and they have had to release their students from the campus. These campuses with high COVID cases have interactions with students and staff. 

College of Oneonta

In an article by Scott Eidler, “ New York State will shut down SUNY Oneonta for two weeks of instruction after 105 students tested positive for coronavirus, as state health officials sought to manage the growing crisis and cited the presence of symptomatic students at large parties.” These students did not care about their health and the safety of their peers as well. 

These outbreaks are not just occurring in Upstate New York, they are happening all over in different states as well. In the state of Delaware, the outbreak cases are high, too.

 According to the New York Times, the cases in Delaware among college campuses are “Delaware State University 39, Delaware Technical Community College Dover 2, Delaware Technical Community College Georgetown 6, Delaware Technical Community College Stanton 3, University of Delaware 89, Wesley College 1.” The school with the most students has had the highest amount in cases because they have not taken mass safety pre-cautions to help their students. 

Delaware State University COVID-19 testing

Another school with high positive cases of COVID-19 was University North Carolina Chapel Hill. The University has so many COVID-19 cases that they had to close the campus down within the first week of students attending too. 

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

According to an article written by Kate Murphy, “On its COVID-19 dashboard, the school reports 5,192 tests among students, with 1,075 positive results since February. Nearly 950 cases have been reported among students and employees since classes began in August.” Even before the students returned back to campus, they even had a lot of high cases and when the students returned, the number of cases was still very high. 

Colleges knew that it would be a big risk for students to return back to campus but some colleges are doing better than others because more students are following the precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has impacted these colleges so heavily because students who are coming back and do not want to abide by the safety precautions that are enacted. Being a college student that had to return back to campus, the safety precautions should not be seen as a joke to students and COVID-19 is still very real and affecting many people’s lives.

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