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JSU Prancing J-Settes

Historically black colleges and university’s are known for everything they stand for from the beginning of time and all that they represent, particularly the exquisite dance lines and the significance they hold. Individuals who have never been to an HBCU will never comprehend the traditions of the colleges. The exciting elements of an HBCU includes the Greek life, cheer, distinctive social groups, campus organizations, and especially the marching band/ dance team.

The difficult work that goes into being an HBCU dancer is a great deal devotion, a lot more that many individuals would think. From late night practices to keeping up a full timetable of, class and schoolwork all through the long semester, dancers have a ton on their plates. The dance line ordinarily follows behind the band and their schedule including, late night practices and rehearsals in light of the fact that no one can leave until the band leaves.

D’Elegance Dance Team 2019-2020

Delaware State University dance line consists of 10 lovely and hardworking ladies, from all different dance backgrounds and cultures. D’Elegnace dances to the amazing tunes and beats of the illustrious Approaching Storm of DSU, directed by Jovan Wilson.

This team has had many outstanding performances at home games for the football and basketball teams, parades in the Delaware area, and many more. They spend on average about 20 hours a week preparing for a field show or performance. When they are not performing, they spend most of their time in the studio working on their technique and show tactics.

The Practice for these ladies consists of 4-5 hours a day/ 5times a week during the fall semester and 2 hours a day/ 3 times a week during the spring semester. “These young ladies buckle down, from being full-time students to being in dance practice for quite a long time and that can start to become overpowering,” says Recheinda Scott, coach and director of D’Elegance since 2020.

Dance coach, Recheinda Scott, strongly believes “you can see the developments and love for dance move through their bodies and it appears as though they are feeling it through their spirit.” Scott also states, “dance means so much more to these ladies then just a scholarship and having something to do, they love being a part of this dance legacy.”

What does D’Elegance mean, I asked to Alexis Henry and what has the effect been being on a HBCU dance line? Captain, Alexis Henry, says “the experiences she has encountered has been a lifetime dream, and has been everything she ever imagined being a part of an HBCU dance line.” Henry states, ‘the effect she has taken from being on an HBCU dance line is being able to express herself while still celebrating hbcu culture.’

Along with the dancers and the marching band, the students of Delaware State also believe the dance line along with the marching band, brings an abundance of excitement to the games. Nadira Al-Salam, freshman at Delaware State University, states “When the dancers strut into the gym, my face always lights up with excitement to see what surprises they will bring today.” Nadira also says “she loves hearing the band and dancing along with the dances they put together.”

Watch Southern University Dancing Dolls Perform to Old Pop/R&B Hits –  Pretty Brown Dancers
Southern University Dancing Dolls

HBCU dance lines wills always hold a valuable key to the excitement of hbcu’s. Students, Alumni’s and fans rush to the arena to witness the heartfelt interpretations of the showtime band and the furious dancers who go with them. Their developments are sharp, touchy, and completely synchronized as they put together a powerful piece of movements and music for the university to enjoy.

HBCU dancers hope to bring more excitement and involvement to the campuses and shine on with their light throughout many more years to come. They want the students to see the joy of attending an HBCU and what it means to be a part of such a legacy. The legacy of THE HBCU DANCELINE lives on.

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