Hurricane Sally Packed with Heavy Rains Displaced Thousands

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Hurricane Sally made landfall at around four: forty-five am on Wednesday September 16,2020 near the Gulf Shores. By the time it got to the Gulf Shore, it was proclaimed to be a Category Two. Sally has hit Florida Panhandle and made its way through the Gulf Shores of Alabama while bringing flooding.

Hurricane Sally had gone into a tropical depression after it passed through the Florida Panhandle. But while it was going through the Gulf Shores of Alabama the hurricane was considered a category two. The center of the storm was in southeastern Alabama, with the heavy rain from hurricane increasing into western Georgia.

Mobile, Alabama was dealing with the high winds, but the city did not face the storm like it was predicted by the weather service. At least 377 people were rescued from flooded areas in Escambia County as of Wednesday afternoon. Two rivers in the county are expected to overflow, which is most likely going to lead to more flooding.

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The rainfall in different places

“Catastrophic and life-threatening flooding occurring over portions of the Florida Panhandle and Southern Alabama,” stated the National Hurricane Center. As of nine pm central time 275,000 electricity customers in Alabama and 240,000 customers in Florida were still without power. With customers not having power, the National Weather Service was prompted to issue warnings in Pensacola and Mobile about the proper use of generators. At least seven people had died from carbon monoxide poisoning from generators during Hurricane Laura last month.

Sally left much of south Alabama in a chaotic mess on Wednesday as it came with a lot of rain and dangerous wind gusts. Mobile, which had virtually shut down, avoided the damage of the storm, but still saw high wind gusts. The high wind gusts caused the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel to shudder like it was dealing with an earthquake. In Pensacola, Florida a passenger ferry was pushed out of the water and onto a sidewalk in downtown.

Sally made landfall on the sixteen anniversary of Hurricane Ivan, which was a category three that made landfall just west of Gulf Shores on September 16,2004. The difference between Hurricane Sally and Ivan, since they both made landfall on the same day, is that Ivan wreaked more havoc with its powerful winds, while Sally created havoc with the rain and storm surge.

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Three Mile Bridge showing missing section.

“We had 30 inches of rain in Pensacola—30-plus inches of rain—which is four months of rain in four hours,” stated Ginny Cranor, chief of the Pensacola Fire Department. In Orange Beach, Alabama one person is dead, stated the Associated Press. Parts of Pensacola are under as much as five feet of water from hurricane Sally, a tropical storm that moved from category three storm to two.

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