COVID-19: Retail Stores Preparing for the Holiday Season

Naomi Branch

Covid-19 limits the amount of customers allowed in the stores within the mall at one time, along with shortening hours of business amid the upcoming holiday season. All retail businesses know that holiday season begins after Labor day and is the most lucrative time for businesses across the country.

The pandemic spreading across the country leaves business owners at a standstill as to how to take on the most lucrative days of the year. Victoria’s Secret & PINK in the Dover Mall have experienced an intense financial loss being that the store closed temporarily within a year of its grand opening.

Victoria's Secret at the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, Florida

Victoria’s Secret Store in Dover, Delaware

 Sales Associate, Jaidyn Bartley, offers insight on what to expect for the upcoming holiday season: “I have been working in retail for the last three years and have never come close to experiencing something like this. Holiday season is when the business makes the most profit and since our hours are shortened and we have to limit how many customers can be in the store at one time, it’s going to be a new experience for all of us; so we need to be patient and try our best to be flexible.” 

Sales Associate Jaidyn Bartley

 Limiting the amount of customers allowed in a store will present new challenges on the busiest retail day of the year, Black Friday. “We’re not sure how to approach black Friday but we’re going to keep safety a priority and give each customer the best shopping experience possible,” says Bartley.

Customers must come into Black Friday expecting an extremely different environment from the usual shopping mayhem.

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