Maryland Parents frustrated as Students Return to Online Classes

Trinece Rawls

College student in an online class at his desk.

Upper Marlboro, MD. – Thousands of students in the DMV area returned to school on Monday, August 31st, but from their homes.

A few parents have spoken out about the issues they were facing in the beginning, while other parents weren’t able to log their children in for classes. This forced most students to miss most of their first day as online students. Both students and parents didn’t think it would be easy, but they also didn’t think it would be extremely frustrating.

Not only have public schools been dealing with these issues, but also college students in the area. Zoom has been the #1 platform most schools are using because it allows for hundreds of people on a conference call with no problem. It is easier to use for some, but it’s also been confusing for others. Throughout the week things have gotten better for some schools, but most are still dealing with issues logging in and or the connection of their teacher.

Parents, teachers and students are doing what they can do while things are being fixed. I spoke to a college student Jakiera Barnes, whom uses a different platform other than zoom for her classes. This platform is working great for her and other students at her university, I asked this student:

Overall the frustration comes from both students and parents, but they will get through it this school year. Even though things are challenging for most, others are working together to make it work. Parents are hopeful things will be different in the next few weeks.

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