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DSU Track Team Hosts a Campus Community Run

Edwin Rosembert

Sprinter Edwin Rosembert posing with other members

On September 5th, The Delaware State Track & Field team hosted a campus community run to give students, who are sedentary an opportunity to get out of their dorms and workout in a group of other students.

The event started at 11 AM and consisted of a 1.5-mile jog/walk on the main campus and lower body exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, and lunges. All 20 participants stayed nearby, so nobody felt left behind.

Delaware State Sprinter, Gerald Amobi said, “creating an environment where people can feel safe to workout no matter what their health is important to our community, because…”

A small portion of the runners who were in the back of the back. Photo courtesy of Edwin Rosembert

Since classes have gone virtual, there has been a decrease in physical activity in students as they are not walking to class or taking stairs to get to the next floor. Over time the effects of not being physically active can be shown in health.

Captains of the Track & Field team realized the importance of health during this pandemic, so it was best they stood up and decided to create an event.

During the event, one of the participants stated, “Since I’m in my dorm all day, I don’t really have the energy to go outside and workout so I’m glad I came out here”.

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