COVID- 19 Impacted Traveling During Labor Day

Danielle Mullins

COVID-19 has caused a decrease in all traveling worldwide for many holidays, but one of the biggest, Labor Day. As of Monday September 7, 2020, it was recorded that the pandemic has caused many people to ditch airplanes and hit the road by car. According to ABC News, Labor Day flights are only around a third of what they were last year.

A national survey from 60% of Americans planned to travel this Labor Day weekend, which was nearly double the 34% who planned to travel before Memorial Day. 36% plan on going to the beach, 22% plan on checking out to a different state, and the other percentage going to visit their loved ones.

 According to USA Today, September 7th,2020 “Travel increases your chances of getting and spreading COVID-19. Your chances of getting COVID-19 while traveling also depend on whether you and those around you take steps to protect yourself and others”, stated The CDC.

The pandemic forced many people to stay home for Labor Day 2020, fearing the concerns of COVID-19, mainly for those that are high risk and cannot get sick. “I understand there’s a lot of cases, but it’s just a risk you run,” Meltzer told ABC News. “Life is full of risks.”

According to ‘Business Insider’, Labor Day 2020,  there has been a large increase in travel to Cancun Mexico, and the largest decrease has been New York, placing 19th in the top 25 Labor Day weekend travel destinations.

Whether you are traveling by bus, airplane, or car, people must take the necessary precautional measures to avoid spreading the virus. According to the CDC, we must avoid close contact by staying home or maintain the 6 feet distance when traveling or going out in public. 

According to the CDC guideline ,flying companies during Labor Day are insuring a safe and COVID free environment by requiring people to wear mask, promoting social distancing, using contactless payment methods, and disinfecting surfaces after each customer.

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