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COVID-19: Famous West Indian Day Parade Canceled In New York

Brittany Powell

Many people in NYC  did not get the chance to go to Eastern Parkway for this year’s NYC West Indian Day parade. The West Indian Day parade is a way for people of Caribbean background to celebrate their heritage and have fun with other cultures on the parkway. 

Carnival is something that is very sentimental to the Caribbean culture due to the influx of immigrants that are in NYC. The parade is a way for people of these backgrounds to come together and find happiness in the culture. 

West Indian Day Parade 2015

The carnival was canceled due to COVID-19. As Yanissa Jean recently wrote in her article, “…Mayor Bill de Blasio announced any large events that required permits would be canceled through September 30, especially if the event interfered with the Open Streets and street dining programs.” COVID-19 has caused the outdoor festivals to be canceled and the West Indian Day parade was one of them. 

West Indian Day Parade 2018

Although the carnival was canceled, the event coordinators of the parade wanted to be publicized to the world. According to Nelson King of WIADCA, “the carnival tradition will be uninterrupted, as it instead goes virtual for 2020…We inaugurate our 54th year using technology.” He further stated that “we refuse to give in. COVID-19 will not stop us. The show must go on!’”. With the parade being virtual shows that they wanted people to still see the way Caribbean culture is and how we have happiness in our culture. 

Although COVID-19 ruined the fun of the parade happening in person, we will see if possibly next year, September 2021, if we would have a parade or if we will be still having a virtual parade again. Now, what will the committee for the carnival do, virtual or in-person parade?

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