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Pandemic Forces DSU to Adopt Hybrid Instruction

Danielle Mullins

Delaware State University has had to adapt to hybrid instruction as a result of the many challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic on universities and colleges in the country.

 Campuses all over the United States have had to shut down, leading them to adopt different methods of instructional delivery, especially hybrid learning.

 DSU has made drastic changes to instruction for the current semester. According to a student, Trinece Rawls, “we must be aware of these new changes and rapidly adjust, being that it is extremely urgent to earning our degree.”

This pandemic has affected campuses around the world, starting March of 2020. Delaware State University was one of many colleges to shut down completely towards the end of March 2020. Although the pandemic has made a huge change on the world and has shutdown many things, Delaware State University welcomes back its students for the 2020 Fall semester, for a complete virtual/hybrid learning experience.

Students are required to wear masks if staying on campus, but expected to attend class virtually or face-to-face.

“There are obviously heightened levels of uncertainty and concern as this virus has spread around the world. Delaware State University, along with all other institutions of higher education, have taken reasonable measures to help slow and stem that spread. Now is the time to move forward with our “new normal,” stated DSU’s article ‘COVID-19 Campus Operations Policy’

Delaware State is taking precautionary measures to ensure it is settling on the best choice for its students, regardless of whether that implies dropping the fall or spring beginning or going completely hybrid. Students will see colleges totally different once the pandemic is done and they’re completely welcomed back on to campus.

According to Nadira Al- Salaam Bland, a sophomore attending Delaware State University., “I feel as though being under hybrid instruction there is less distractions. It seems like I have more time to keep myself organized. I can also remain safe and healthy in my own closed environment.”

Delaware State University students all have different thoughts and opinions on how this pandemic has helped or shifted their learning abilities beyond this pandemic. DSU has set its best foot forward to make sure the students are getting the education they need, whether it’s on campus or sitting behind a laptop screen.

The university is providing undergrad students with iPad and MacBook pros to help support the transition of hybrid learning. According to the Office of Student success at Delaware State University, ” they are offering online tutoring, for students that cannot be on campus and giving many resources to make this semester an equal learning experience.”

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