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“New Normal” at Delaware State University

Kendall Wright

Amid the Covid-19 global pandemic, Delaware state University made the decision of reopening its campus for students and faculty to return for the fall 2020 academic semester. The campus will be operating in a “New Normal”, with many residence halls at half capacity and many student activities canceled.

DSU Campus

The university has endured much pressure and criticism from inside and outside voices on their decision. Many colleges and universities have opted to be 100 percent virtual and to stay closed. However, President Tony Allen and The University Administration, developed a plan to ensure student and faculty safety while residing on campus.

Covid-19 Testing at DSU

Delaware State University has partnered with Testing for America to come up with a robust testing protocol for returning faculty and students. President Allen stated that “by late August, when faculty and students return to school, TFA will be conducting weekly Covid-19 tests for everyone on campus, with the capacity to test individuals considered “high risk” biweekly. Covid-19 positives will be followed up through rigorous contact tracing, isolation and quarantine.”

Students will be required to get tested weekly, following an alphabetical system, wear their masks and social distance. Although many schools have closed down due to spikes on campuses, President Allen is confident that the students of DSU and TFA will do their part to stop the spread.

What separates Delaware State University from other colleges and universities was their decision to keep most residence halls on campus at half capacity. DSU also reserved the Warren Franklin residence hall, which holds 310 beds, at half capacity. President Allen is confident that if students and faculty comply with the “New Normal,” Delaware State University will be sure to set a standard of operating successfully during a pandemic.

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