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New COVID Restrictions: DSU Aviation Majors Fight to Get Flight Time

Erika Hines

Many of the students on Delaware State University campus are increasingly feeling the effects of Covid-19 as the semester progresses.

The inconveniences are constantly wearing a mask, virtual learning, social distancing and weekly Covid-19 testing. However Aviation majors are being met with the additional challenge of graduating on time, which is now proving to be a bit more daunting due to the precautions the university is taking in response to the pandemic.

Delaware States Aviation program is a four-year program where students can receive their private pilot, instrument, commercial I, II & III, CFI, CFII and multi-engine rating by the time they complete their education at the University. However, it is very important that students complete their ratings on time to ensure they do not fall behind. Poor weather conditions, limited scheduling and lack of instructor availability, are only a few potential scenarios that are all too common for aviation students and can contribute to them falling behind in their curriculum.

Juniors and Aviation students, Alexandria Hines and Christian Black have now discovered that Covid-19 has produced even more obstacles for them to overcome.

Junior and aviation major Alexandria Hines stated, “It’s a bit frustrating because before the semester began I was a bit behind and knew that I was going to have to take every opportunity I could to get up in the air and get more flight hours, but because of the rules that have now been implemented, I’ve found myself struggling to find the time.”

Due to Covid-19, strict rules have been put in place to encourage social distancing and ensure the safety of the students. The students are now not allowed to fly during the weekends; the Airpark is only operating on limited hours during the weekday and, unfortunately, if the University decides to shut down early due to an outbreak, all flying will cease.

Christain Black pictured standing beside a Vulcanair plane, one of the many planes owned by the University.

“The university is doing its best to keep us safe, it’s just really unfortunate situation. Hopefully we can remain on campus for the rest of the semester, that way we students can get as many hours as possible,” says Junior Christain Black, who is also an Aviation major enrolled in the private pilot’s course. As the semester continues, the students will continue to fly despite the current conditions.

Covid-19 has drastically changed the flow and function of campus life for many, and as students slowly make the adjustments necessary to conform to this new way of living, it’s important to keep in mind that the main goal of the University is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its faculty, students and staff and in order to make that a reality it requires everyone’s participation.

To learn more about Covid-19 on campus visit the Delaware States website

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