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DSU Stands with Black Lives Matter

Brittany Powell

Many students who are returning back to school during this new Fall 2020 semester are seeing a rise of Black Lives Matter involvement on their campus. The DSU campus has teamed up with the campus police to create a Black Lives Matter mural in respect for those who have died in the hands of police brutality and racial injustice.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is one of the most monumental movements for the younger generation, who are standing up against the injustices that are occurring to our black men & women. With HBCUs being heavily involved in standing with the Black Lives Movement, the educational impact on these campuses is moving in such an inspirational way.

During this pandemic and the rise of the Black Lives Matter, many schools are standing with their minority students, expressing love and support for them. As Tyrone Howard recently wrote in an article, “… moreover, many school districts, like corporations across the nation, have issued statements and made declarations that they support Black Lives Matter, they will do more in the fight for racial justice, and be more reflective about how to best support Black students.” Institutions that stand with Black Lives Matter are more understanding of the feelings of their black students.

HBCUs have consistently expressed their love and support for the Black Lives Matter movement due to their institutions attracting more minority students. Students at DSU feel that the BLM movement is a very important subject that DSU could possibly do more to support.

According to Ms.Wilkes, who is a junior DSU student, “DSU could have done more in support of Black Lives Matter in the city of Dover. She articulated that we are the only. HBCU in a heavily predominantly white area.” She wants DSU to express the movement more in the area in which we are in.

Students are more heavily involved and are at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement and are expressing their solidarity for the victims of police brutality and racial discrimination. 

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