Lethal Hurricane Laura Devastates Louisiana Area

Dillon Marshall

At least six people were killed in Louisiana, including a 14-year-old girl and a 68-year-old man, when lethal category four Atlantic Hurricane, Laura, slammed the area.

Laura was the twelfth-named storm, fourth hurricane, and the first serious tropical storm of the 2020 Atlantic storm season.

Photo Courtesy of ABC Chicago

In the wake of this storm, people in Louisiana are left without either food or water. As at 4p.m., Thursday, more than 540,000 people and about 16,000 businesses had no power.

The Louisiana Department of Health tweeted that more than 220,000 residents were flooded with water system blackouts, which means their locals “can’t get to water.” The office said that 67 water system blackouts identified with Hurricane Laura were at fault.

President Donald Trump listens to Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, center, as he tours damage from Hurricane Laura, Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020, in Lake Charles, La. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Last Saturday President Donald Trump visited the hit areas in Louisiana and Texas talking to local officials on his emergency relief plan. “One thing I know about this state, it rebuilds fast,” Trump said to the officials that came, including the governor of Louisiana. Trump told officials, alluding to the individuals who were lost, “It’s a tremendous number, but you were thinking it could have been a lot worse.”

Trump marked a calamity announcement for Louisiana on Friday. He additionally met with National Guard faculty in Louisiana assisting with aid relief and later traveled to Orange, Texas, to meet with authorities.

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