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COVID-19: MCVPA Chair Clarifies Course Delivery Modalities at DSU


Welcome Hornets!

I hope that everyone is getting settled into a successful academic routine. I am Dr. Charlisa Edelin, Chair of the Mass Communication, Visual and Performing Arts Department. By now, you should have virtually met your professor and been able to ask questions. However, from time to time you will hear from me for important updates.

Dr. Charlisa Edeline

Today, I want to make sure that everyone understands how classes are delivered.

We have 3 types of courses:

i. ONLINE/ASYNCRONOUS – This is a course that was created as an online course. This means that the course does NOT have to meet collaboratively and students can work at their own pace.

ii. HYBRID/SYNCHRONOUS – This is a course that would typically be face to face, on campus, but due to COVID we have moved it online. In this course, students and professors will meet collaboratively on the scheduled teaching day/time. For example, if your class was scheduled to meet on MWF at 9am, you will now meet online on MWF at 9am. Professors will contact students with a preferred platform (Zoom, WebX, Blackboard, etc.).

iii. FACE-TO-FACE/HYBRID/SYNCHRONOUS – This is a course that has been approved for limited face to face contact. THERE ARE VERY FEW OF THESE COURSES. These courses will allow students to get some face-to-face instruction, but will also meet collaboratively online on the scheduled meeting dates. Your professor will tell you if your course will meet face to face. Professors teaching these courses will make accommodations for students who cannot meet in person. NOTE: Students and professors in these courses must adhere to DSU’s testing protocols.

If you have any questions, the first person you should talk to is your professor. However, if you cannot contact our professor, you should contact: Dr. Frank Gazda, Music Program Director ( Prof. William Colber, Art Program Director ( Prof. Renee Marine, Mass Comm Program Director ( Dr. Charlisa Edelin, Department Chair (

Again, welcome to DSU. Please stay safe, healthy and have a successful Fall semester.

Dr. Charlisa Edelin

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