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Move-Out Day for Delaware State University Students

Jo-Musulyn Banks

On May 19, 2020, Dr. Tony Allen, the President of Delaware State University, held a university forum in regards to the move-out plan for students.

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Delaware State University’s Move-Out Guidelines

The Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Dr. Stacy Downing, said the move-out process will consist of three phases. The first phase are for  the seniors who have graduated, second phase will be the in-state students and, the final phase is for the out- of- state students.

This process is beneficial to maintaining social distancing practice by limiting the number of people moving in and out of the residence halls.

According to Dr. Downing, “Our first two phases should take us four to five weeks depending on how quickly we can move through it, based on the guidelines that we have implemented.” 

Delaware State University students will receive a personalized email with a date and time they are expected to move out of their residence halls. In addition, students and their guests that will be helping them to move out, must complete a health screening form (provided within the email) 24 hours prior to their arrival on campus. After completing the health screening form, students and their guests will be notified electronically if they are approved to come to campus.

In order to have access to campus on their scheduled move-out day, students and their guests must bring a photo ID, proof of their approval from the health screening form and a face mask.

Students need to bring their own bins, dollies and any other items necessary for their move-out; they are required to remove every item in their room, and communicate with their roommates/suitemates about the cleanliness of the room. 

As the move-out guidelines states, “When your room is cleaned, fill out a move-out form, place your key or swipe card in an envelope, staple together and place it in drop box located at the front desk or office.”

The move-out process will begin on May 26, 2020, and for any questions students can contact housing at 302-857-6362 or via email at

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