The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Monet Ford

Many individuals in today’s society place Early Childhood Education on the back burner, losing sight of its importance and relevance to the children. Children who don’t receive Early Childhood Education are “25% more likely to drop out of school, 40% more likely to become a teen parent, and 50% more likely to be placed in Special education.” Parents can avoid their child becoming a statistic by placing them in an ECE (Early Childhood Education) Facility from the age of three months to ten years old. 



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The change starts with parents finding a center to send their children to where they can grow, strive, and learn. Experts have previously stated ECE “ is a time when children learn critical social and emotional skills and a partnership is formed… When this is done successfully, it lays the groundwork for it to continue throughout the child’s education.” Therefore, it is essential for parents to place their children in an Early Childhood Education Facility due to the development of cognitive, physical abilities at this age.

“The human mind learns a lot in its first five years, and the period is therefore undoubtedly a crucial one for brain development.”  At this point in a child’s life,  or she begins to develop lifelong skills like copying different sounds. Starting at age one some children begin walking which pertains to physical development, which also aids in cognitive development because children become more self-guided in the activities they choose to participate in. 



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In ECE facilities the curriculum allows a child’s cognitive ability to be challenged each and every day which stimulates growth. Children who do not attend an ECE facility to be taught the necessary skills could possibly become more dependent and attached to parents and adults which is not healthy for a child. Their mental capacity will be much smaller than other children their age and it will handicap them in their learning environments once they go on to higher levels of education. Children placed in ECC environments are already steps ahead of children who are not, especially cognitively. 

In an ECE children begin to learn how to exercise and eat healthily. In the curriculum, children must be physically active for at least 60 minutes each day, whether it is indoors or outside. Children who are not in attendance receiving at least an hour of physical activity a day will have a greater chance of childhood obesity. In the ECE environment, teachers create fun games for children to play together, such as tag, sharks, and minnows, and hide and seek– this way children are getting a great amount of physical activity without a strict way of working out.



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 It is more beneficial for children to go to a facility because they learn games that teach skills that may carry on to higher levels of education when they have to take physical education. Parents could help prevent their children from becoming obese, by placing them in an ECE environment where physical development is held to a high standard.

Opposing members may speak on the negative facts about ECC facilities as well. Such as being exposed to a lot of illnesses. Although they are exposed to illness, it builds up their immune system in the long run. Some will also speak on the fact that child care is expensive. Yes, some child care facilities are in fact expensive, but not all. There are plenty of child care facilities that will take government assistance checks, as well as small payment plans throughout the school year. There may be many excuses but not enough to handicap your children, not allowing them to be great from the start. 



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It is very beneficial for children to attend an ECE facility because of the development of cognitive, physical abilities it produces. Nevertheless, it starts with parents looking into finding a great center to place their child in. Children will be 5 times less likely to become obese or overweight, because of the amount of physical outdoor play time they receive.


Also each day the children receive cognitive challenges that stimulate growth and will help their independence begin to take its course, rather than becoming dependent on a caregiver. “Some researchers have concluded that young children enrolled in preschool programs usually graduate from high school, attend college, have fewer behavioral problems, and do not become involved with crime in their adolescent and young adult years.” 



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All great reasons that make it a necessity to place your child in an early childhood education facility. This is where they can grow, thrive, and effectively receive an education at the age where amazing begins. Some parents will look back on their childhood, and be grateful for their parents placing them in an ECE center. Other parents will wish they would have gotten the opportunity for the head start they deserved. Why not be the parent who raises the next President, Astronaut, or Mathematician?


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