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DSU student dreams of being a superstar wedding planner

Naomi Branch

Lauren Scott’s ultimate career goal is to become a wedding planner; this stems from her love of mixing socially, especially having people over. Lauren dreams of being the next David Tutera, a superstar wedding planner.


Lauren Scott (Left) and Naomi Branch

As a stepping stone towards her goal, Scott majors in public relations and advertising. She chose public relations and advertising because it has structure and stability, but also allows her 100 percent creativity.

Scott will be earning her degree in public relations and advertising from Delaware State University. She chose this university after considering her mother’s guidance. Sharing a strong relationship with her mother played the largest role in her selection of Delaware State University because it too is her mother’s alma mater. The factor that solidified Scott’s choice of Delaware State University is its proximity to her home in Dover, Delaware.

Before Scott chose DSU, she considered Towson University and Pittsburgh Technical Institute but decided not to attend these schools because of their high tuition costs.

While attending Delaware State University, Scott plans on networking, or establishing relationships with future employers and coworkers. To jump start her networking process, Scott is planning on taking advantage of potential leadership positions in the upcoming semester. In high school, Scott had been a pom-pom dancer for her school’s marching band; this experience allows her the opportunity to become a member of Delaware State University’s marching band in the 2020-2021 school year.

In her free time, Scott is an avid reader. She also enjoys listening to music and writing. Scott’s love for writing has landed her as member of Spoken Words and Artists United, or SWAU for short. On this team, Scott writes poetry and performs it live for her peers and other teammates.

A large aspect of Scott’s life is music. Some of her favorite genres of music include neo soul, R&B, indie, rap, and pop.

To help provide for herself, Scott has two part-time jobs while still balancing being a full-time student. The purpose of her two jobs is to provide her with some sort of income that will aid in her college career and for her to be able to buy clothes, fast food, and other expendable purchases.

Scott describes herself as outgoing, determined, and caring. These traits are the reason she is adored by students and teachers all around campus. “I’m an Aquarius, so I think that’s why I get along with people so well.”

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