Trump Should Have Been Removed From Office

 Jacques “Dinero” Doby

It is with a dignified sense of leadership to the U.S. Constitution and a deep love of this country that we call for the senate to exercise its power to convict and remove Trump from office.

Why Trump Was Impeached

Donald Trump has been impeached over accusations that he secretly asked for help from Ukraine to increase his likeliness of re-election.

President Trump was allegedly breaking the law after trying to offer taxpayer dollars in an effort to pressure Ukraine’s leader to dig up damaging information on a political rival.

During July of 2019, Trump urged the Ukrainian government to investigate one of the opponents he will be against in the 2020 presidential election. This matters to opposition Democrats because it’s illegal to ask foreign parties for assistance to win the US election, but Trump feels like he has done nothing wrong.

After the president was impeached back in December or 2019, it led to a trial that could lead to the him being removed from office.

Arguments Why Trump Shouldn’t Be Convicted

Don Calloway believes that the Democrats’ effort will turn people against democrats.

“I think that impeachment emboldens the ‘deplorable,’ and folks will come out, in a way, against Democrats,” he said. 

Calloway instead urges Democrats to focus on other world issues regarding the economy and right to work, rather than convicting Mr. Trump. Trump’s supporters, however, argue they may be denied the luxury of voting for their preferred candidate if the senate votes Trump out of the office and he cannot stand for election.

Trump Should Be Removed from Office

The nation elected President Donald Trump to serve the United States, and for it to be recommended that we vote to remove him from office is a harsh and significant event.

All citizens, no matter who they affiliate with politically, should be disturbed by the actions Trump portrayed. We should band together as a nation and make a statement that President Trump and every president following, will not be allowed to behave in a manner that disregards morals and ethics.

Trump was trying to cheat in order to obtain an advantage in the election by calling out to foreign entities for help. The citizens who have confidence in constitutional democracy would like to believe in the morals and ethics of the election, and a lot of Americans would likely feel otherwise if Trump is to remain in the office. 

If they allow Trump to stay in office and continue his run for 2020, He will likely try the same tactics again. He would not have a reason not to because it will help him win. By not giving Trump any consequences if he’s caught, then he’ll realize there is no downside because he’ll just get acquitted.

Donald Trump becomes 3rd president in US history to be impeached


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