Social Media Is Not The Problem But The Users

Jo-Musulyn Banks

Social media is one of the many mankind inventions which people use everyday. According to studies, in 2019, there were 2.77 billion social media users in the world (hyperlink). There are different types of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc., which allows people to share information, content and connect with others.

In recent years, social media has received backlash. People blame social media for their problems; however, they have the power to control their social media consumption, therefore social media shouldn’t be blamed for people’s problems.


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Social Media in Relation to Productivity:

As human beings, we live a life that requires us to take care of our priorities, to focus on what’s important. Many would argue that social media gets in the way of their everyday tasks, it’s the reason why they’re less productive. According to research in relation to social media and productivity, an expert concluded that employees lose 25 minutes of work for every minute they spend on social media.


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This overused argument against social media fails to acknowledge that it is the user who affects their productivity not social media. People must take accountability over their own lives and how they choose to spend it. Social media doesn’t force us to use it. In fact, studies have shown that such media enhance productivity. For example, employees in the work field tend to work long hours, therefore taking a mini break to use social media can increase their productivity which can lead to high quality work.

Social Media in Relation to Relationships:

Our relationship with the people around is vital, but over the years people have raised concerns that social media is affecting our relationships.

Social media does not have a negative impact on relationships because only the users have the power to do such a thing. For instance, one


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 would say that social media causes a person to cheat in their relationship, but how can that be possible? It’s not logical to blame an online platform for the reason why a person is cheating, when it’s the person themselves who should be blamed.

The main purpose of social media is to bring people together, to connect with your family and friends. Social media decreases physical distance, for people who are in long distance relationships.

Social media is simply a platform for society to spread information and to connect with other people. This technology should not be the blamed for people’s problems, when it is in fact the users who create these problems.

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