Preparing for Spring Break 2020

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Spring Break is not only just an academic break from the school or institution you attend. It is a time to relax your mind from Midterms, as well as preparing for Finals. Spring break can be spent a plethora of different ways, from working a job to traveling with friends. Most HBCU students decide to take a fun-filled trip, with friends or family. What a time to be alive in time for Spring Break 2020.

Although most students decide to take a trip, some students decide to stay home and work a job. Because working while in school, there is only a limited amount of hours to work. In the Meantime, over spring break you can gain more hours, which translates into more money. Student Kyle Thomas stated, “ I rather work over spring break and build my money up for the summer”. Kyle is not the only student who thinks this way, there are like-minded students as well.

There are many popular destinations for spring break within the United States as well as outside of the country. Within the United States, the top locations to visit are Miami Florida, Las Vegas Nevada, and Daytona Beach Florida. When traveling outside of the country the most visited locations are Jamaica, Cancun, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Although there are plenty of options, most of the HBCU College traffic is pushed to Miami, Florida.


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When deciding to go away on a trip for spring break you have to shop for your “looks”. “Looks” meaning your outfits for your trip. The last thing you would want to worry about is picking out your outfit last minute shopping. Take a few visits to the nearest mall, also use your resources to shop online.  Try simple clothing sites such as Fashion Nova, Forever 21, and Shein. 

Most times a swimsuit will be what you are going to wear all day. It can make you want to hit up the gym ten times extra. If you want to slim up a little to feel your best do it now so you can thank yourself later. It is usually recommended to just eat clean in the weeks leading up and increase your cardio to shed that bloat. Honestly, no one is going to critique you as hard as you will spring break week. Student Jeremiah Williams stated  “Everyone gets in the gym for their spring break bodies.” So if you want to feel a little more confident, make a few small changes to your diet and have an exercise plan.


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Realize when traveling you have to find a dependable group of friends. Everyone who initially says he/she is going on the trip, most likely will not. This is nothing to get upset about, just remember to have reliable traveling mates.
To go more into focus with the spring break location being Miami Florida, you have to book a flight to Miami or Plan out your road trip. For some college students, a flight will be seen as more cost-efficient for their budget. First, check google flights, place your dates and airport you will be flying out of. You will find a wider variety of airlines and pricing with flights this way. There is also a website for cheap flights that is beneficial for students called Skyscanner. Use it! Lastly, find the price and flight that works best for you and book it!


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Now that the flight is booked, it’s time to book your stay. You could either book a hotel or an Airbnb. Some students would find it more cost-efficient to book with an Airbnb. Airbnbs are places that you could stay in, that is more home-like than an actual hotel room. Also, Airbnb’s will allow students to book without being 21 years of age. While most hotels these days will only allow people of 21 years of age or older to book a hotel room. Student Anyae Wilson stated, “Airbnb is a nice alternative for hotels if you are under 21.” Either route you decide to choose make sure it is cost-efficient or beneficial for you.

Now that your flight is booked, and you have booked your stay there is a question of how to get around locally. Some people rent out luxury cars and use that as a method for the duration of their stay. While the cost-effective method would be to Uber or Lyft around. Lyft or Uber would typically cost in the range of $5-$20 for rides. However, the cost would not be per person, you could split it evenly with your travel mates. Either route you decide to choose make sure its cost-effective for your budget. Student Lailah Johnson stated, “I would rather take Lyft because it’s easier and cheaper than parking.”

Take advantage of having a little bit of time before your trip. Feeling prepared and ready makes you way less stressed and allows you to have the most fun you can have. If you decide to have a working filled spring break, enjoy it. If you decide to go on a spring break vacation, enjoy it. No matter what, have fun on your spring break.


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