XFL reboots hard-hitting 2001 spring season

Corey St. John

There are many leagues out there that play American football such as AAF, NFL, CFA.

The XFL is a professional American football league owned by Vince McMahon. The league’s headquarters is located in Stamford, Connecticut. This year will be their first year back after their short 2001 campaign.

Part of the reason why the XFL shut down was the lack of poor planning. They didn’t have any players, coaches, teams, stadiums or support staff and that hurt them.

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Other than the league having franchises like the NFL, they will be run by NFL teams, just like the D-League for the NBA. The XFL only hosts 8 teams now and some them  include:

Picture XFL2There are plenty of other football leagues out right now, but the XFL was definitely one of the most popular ones due to their rules.

The XFL games are a lot shorter than the NFL games due to less timeout,s less time during halftime, and the XFL refs do not allow the coaches to challenge a play and making all plays subject to review by the replay official.

There are other differences when it comes to comparing the two, but that’s why people love the league so much.


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The XFL has less money to give out to players than the NFL, but that’s not what the league is about. Players honestly want another chance to play the sport they grew up playing. The average pay for the XFL is $55,000 versus the NFL being $860,000. As of  now the XFL doesn’t have a super bowl, but that is bound to change.

The XFL has a very promising future because of the support from fans and staff for the young league. Players themselves even love the league due to the “extra chance” mindset.

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