Delaware State hosts recruits to augment roster

Corey St. John

There are 236 division 1 schools in the U.S with hopes of getting the best athletes in the country to come to their schools, to compete in the sport of football. Though every player wants you wants a full ride, but that is not possible.  FBS Division 1 schools are able to hand out 85 full ride scholarships each year.  FCS division 1 schools can only have 63 full scholarships spread amongst 85 individuals.

Recruiting is the process in which college coaches add prospective student athletes to their roster each off season.


Delaware State football team senior game

The number trickles down with division 2 schools having only 36 full or partial scholarships to give out. Having that little of a number means that you have to be stingy with whom you give money to. Also schools have to look for someone that can make a difference immediately.

Getting players to commit to your school can be tricky at times, but the main focus is making the players feel comfortable and at home around others and on campus.

When a players are considering a school, they’ll come on campus to feel it out. The spring is when teams usually hold visits, because that’s when the team is on campus and is less busy around that time. Around late January or early February is when the hornet football team has stuff going on for future Hornets.

Rod Milstead, the Delaware Hornets’ head football coach, usually holds visits for the recruits every saturday and holds a dinner with the recruits and their family members. Holding the dinner gives a better insight for the family to have about  the school their son might go to. This is when parents ask all the questions they have about the athletics and academic parts of the school.

After the dinner the recruits go back to school to hangout with some of the players. This bonding experience for the recruit and players is the most crucial part of the process. If the player feels out of place and uncomfortable, that probably won’t sit well. Having the recruit feeling comfortable around other players will be everything.

Athletes get only get five chances to go on official visits and once those are taken, that’s it. Furthermore once you go to that school, you cannot take a visit to the same school again. You have to make each one count, don’t waste it!


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forget about me, i love you (F.A.M.I..L.Y) is a saying the team lives by, that’s encoded in the teams DNA. Two Saturdays ago, the Hornets’ had a recruit, Codie Hornsby, who committed upon his visit and said , “I truly do love the atmosphere, here it’s great.”

Coming to Delaware State you will attain all the essential tools you need to be great on and off the field and recruits would feel that, it’s all love when they are at Delaware State. Many players feel the same way about how the culture feels once they’re on the team and everyone has “instant sense of family.”

Delaware state’s football head coach feels the football team itself has the upper hand, especially being around the DMV area where there’s a lot of talent. The team has young talents across the board, so the team has a great future.


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