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Stretching is Essential. Yoga to the Rescue!

Noelle Jeffries

Growing up, I was always told to “take care of my body.” However, it wasn’t until my first real injury that I began to take heed of that statement.

At cheer practice, as I lifted my flyer into the air, I felt a seriously mild pain strike my lower back. Although I felt some discomfort, I continued basing and practicing normally. I thought to myself “shake it off, you’re fine.” Later that night, I went to lay down and the ache had become intense. By the next morning, I could barely straighten my spine.

I struggled to do my daily activities like working out and dancing, that was when I knew something was wrong. I visited the athletic trainer and he informed me that I had strained a muscle, even then I didn’t think much of it. I had obligations. I had a dance performance in two days and an upcoming game on the weekend. I couldn’t let my teammates down, so I decided to fight it.


Delaware State University Cheerleaders Photo Courtesy of DSU Athletics

I bought a heating pad, it helped, but it still didn’t remove the pain entirely. I searched Google and asked many other athletes for their advice. Their answers were simple.


For several days, I was injured and a victim of back pain. It prohibited me from various things and to cure it, all I had to do was stretch thoroughly. 

A few stretches and exercises later, I felt much better and the soreness was relieved. I began to understand the importance of making my health a priority. During this injury, I ignored my body’s signs for help and proceeded to push myself to the limit until I was no longer able to. 

Next time I will take necessary measures ahead of time to relieve the injury sooner rather than later. From this experience, I actively began to take interest in the various forms of meditation, stretching, and relaxation to remain healthy. In other words, yoga.

Studies reveal that over 36 million Americans practice yogas and its benefits are priceless. There are many pros when it comes to doing yoga such as : flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved respiration, balanced energy, cardio health, and injury prevention. 


Yoga began as a Hindu spiritual discipline, often practiced in Western cultures,  composed of breath control, meditation, and bodily postures to promote physical and emotional well being. 


Today, yoga is utilized for this same purpose and has spread worldwide.

Quality yoga sessions can be hard to find, but search no longer because Movement Science Senior, Evan Young, just started yoga sessions right here on Delaware State University’s Main Campus.  

ESY Gains Yoga is the name. In short, his sessions are a place of peace, relaxation, and equity.

During an interview, Mr. Young stated, “Stretching is one of the keys to having a long and healthy life.” After enduring my pain and hearing this from a health professional in the making, I understand this to be true. 

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Evan Young Yoga Session

Young has been hosting sessions for only a short amount of time, but due to good turnouts, it seems to be a successful health initiative among hornets.“I want people who come to my sessions to feel relaxed. I also want to inspire them to look into yoga and meditation,” Evan Young Stated. 

Hornets, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. ESY Gains Yoga hosts free sessions daily at 6pm in the DSU Wellness Center. Follow on Instagram for more information. 

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