Balancing Athletics with Academics

Loren Perry



Track & Field Athlete Cydney Davis            Picture by Delaware State University Athletics

      Delaware State University is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC).  The University is responsible for ensuring complete compliance of all constituencies.

About 400,000 student athletes participate in athletic games each year and thousands receive scholarships to do so. But the life of an athlete in college is not always as fun as it seems.

Balancing college life with academics is pretty difficult.  The day in the life of a college student is extremely busy and detail oriented. 



Donte Rolley-Williams and Cydney Davis                                waiting to compete.                        Picture by Edwin Rosenburg

   Cydney Davis is a social work major, and Track and Field athlete here at Delaware State University.  As an athlete, Cydney must always use her time wisely and capitalize on all the free time she has.  Cydney’s schedule is “jam packed” to say the least. Cydney is required to attend all practices and meets. 

The track team practices everyday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, in addition to morning practices everyday Tuesday and Friday. “The most important tool as a college athlete is good time management skills” says Cydney Davis.



Delaware State University Track & Field members at Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex in                           Staten Island NY.                                   Picture by Edwin Rosenburg

Cydney is a Senior, graduating in May and has finally found a way to balance extracurricular activities, school, and athletics.

Room for leisure time is very limited so each minute must be used productively. 

“The best way to stay organized is by having a planner.  My planner keeps me focused and allows me to determine what is priority and what isn’t” says Cydney Davis. 

The athlete states that “everything must be written down”.  Most athletes feel overwhelmed and stressed out because they are expected to perform well scholastically an in athletics.

Although Cydney has a long list of responsibilities, she continues to earn a spot on the University’s Dean’s List.  She is an admirable college athlete striving for greatness not only on the competitive track, but in the classroom.


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