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DSU Expands Its Honors Program

Jewel Phillips

Delaware State University is in the process of expanding its Honors Program. The program has served as an important part of the recruiting process for incoming students but recently has been in need of growth.

Delaware State University changed its initiative slogan to “IT MATTERS” in 2019. The Honors Program is supporting the student initiative by making the program matter and increase pride within the students who were accepted.

Many students are unaware of the benefits the program provides. The official Delaware State University website has a page dedicated to acceptance criteria and the Honors Program curriculum.

Dr. Clyrice Watson has since adapted the Honors Program as the Associate Provost who also oversees the Office of Student Success. Under her leadership the Honors Program was able to hire Mrs. Shonda L. Poe to work as the new director, to ensure the program’s success.

Miss Poe started the Spring semester 2020 and has already been working with the honors program ambassadors. The ambassadors are hired students, who are responsible for mentoring freshmen and sophomores. They also ensure events are happening within the program while working closely with the director to create positive representation for the program.


Director of Honors Program Shonda Poe

Miss Poe is very familiar with the university. She had previously worked at Delaware State University for 13 years and graduated from DSU 1993.

She states “I am extremely excited to find out how we can push the honors program to the forefront. It’s an academic program, to me, that’s always been elite. A hidden treasure for the university.”

The Honors Program Ambassadors have hosted tutoring sessions and worked with Advisors in the Office of Student Success.

Aaron Lee, one of the six ambassadors stated “There is so much we can do bring back the spirit of DSU through the honors program. I’m doing my part.”


Shonda Poe and Aaron Lee

Many members of the program are joining together to figure out ways to expand the program and get students more involved with the honors association activities. Elections will be held in April to induct new student leadership.

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