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The Everlasting Impact of Kobe Bryant on DSU Athletes

Olivia K. Paul

On January 26, 2020, the news of the passing of Kobe Bryant shocked the world.

Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, 13, suffered a fatal helicopter crash. There were seven others that accompanied them on the ill-fated helicopter journey.

At Delaware State University, the Hornet men’s basketball team gathered with the hornet community to observe reference silence to pay their respects to the Bryant family and others who lost their loved ones.

At their game in Greensboro, N.C, preparing to win against North CarHornet-bball-team-Copy.jpgolina A&T, the team heard about the passing of the long-time legend, Kobe Bryant, and decided to gather around and hold silence for the idol. Head Coach Skeeters revealed that he experienced Kobe Bryant play in 1995 when he was a part of ABCD Basketball Camp in New Jersey.

“He was the hardest working player at that camp, which included about 200 of the best high school players in the nation at that time,” said Coach Skeeters.

Many of the athletes that attend Delaware State University admitted that Kobe Bryant was their childhood role model. Gyasi Ajani Hughes, a lacrosse player, stated “It broke my heart because randomly I would catch myself shooting a paper ball into the garbage can, yelling out “Kobe,” but now I can’t even do it without feeling choked and shaken up inside.”

Kobe Bryant was an all-around ideal human being. He was the NBA’s MVP in 2008 and the NBA’s Finals MVP in 2009 and 2010.

Ironically, many noticed that the night before Kobe Bryant’s passing, Lebron James passed Kobe’s 33,643 career points which resulted in him replacing the third-best leading career scorer in NBA history.

Kobe Bryant has been a great impact and influence for many young people. Not only did his passing shake up the entire world, but it also brought unity to many teams and families to cherish the moments they have with one another.

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