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Many Students Fail to Meet Registration Deadline

London Keemer

Last Wednesday, January 22, was the last day to register for classes at DSU. Students flooded the Delaware State University administration office on Thursday January 23rd, to register for classes in an attempt to beat the deadline. Other things the students have to consider by this deadline are how many credits to carry, what professor they want to take, and what classes actually fit into their schedule.


Emily Clark, a Delaware State University student, added a class to her schedule after the add/drop date this spring semester and expressed how it impacted her. “It’s very frustrating,” says Clark. Adding that “I’m about a week behind on work and now I have to spend my time catching up on it, which is very time consuming.” Emily is a senior at the University.

“I have had issues with registering for classes late,” says Briea Dorsey, a Delaware State University sophomore. She adds that “I had so much work to do that I accidentally missed the deadline to drop a class and add a new one.”

According to the administration office, failure to register for a class after the given add/drop date results in a $10 fee. Although there are many reasons that would cause a student to register for classes late (i.e., problems with financial aid, housing issues, account holds, etc.), the consequences and impact are much greater.


Registering for classes is in fact a tedious task. As noted, failure to register for classes on time results in consequences, including money out of your pocket.

In order to register yourself for classes, you must visit From there, you are to click on the tab that says, “Banner Self Service”. Use your information to log into your student account. After clicking onto the “Student Services” tab, you will then be directed to register for classes.


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