SGA, Royal Court, and President Allen meet to Discuss Student Concerns

Jewel Phillips

Tuesday, January 28, 2020, the Student Government Association and Royal Court Met with the President of the University, Dr. Allen. This meeting was held in the President’s conference room at promptly 11:15am. The Student leaders and President discussed the future success of the university, upcoming plans, and student concerns.

For some of the student leaders, including Mister and Miss Freshman, it was their first time getting acquainted with the new president.


Mr. Freshman, Jaden Corbett  and Miss. Miesha Waters

Students in attendance introduced themselves, asked question, and tabled  pressing concerns. Topics discussed included building expansion, better food options availability and strengthening relationships with staff.

Formal meetings with SGA, the Royal Court and the President will be held once a month to strengthen the communication with administration and students.  It’s a continuation of the weekly meetings that were held with former President Dr. Wilma Mishoe.IMG_0584

Concerns students have will now be solved more effectively.

Usman Tijani, SGA President, stated “it was a pleasure to have the meeting today with President Allen, we really spoke to the points that will make the university better for our class and generations to come.”

Miesha Walters, Miss Freshman, agreed saying “The school is moving in a significant direction. The meeting assured me of that.”

The next meeting will be held late February and Student Leaders encourage peers to reach out with concerns to be presented next.



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