NABJ Is Ready to Take on 2020 Head On

Ayana Nwozo


Dr. Awodiya and Dr. Edelin with new members of NABJ

The DSU chapter of NABJ hosted its semester interest meeting with advisors Dr. Edelin and Dr. Awodiya in attendance, last Thursday morning. The National Association of Black Journalist encourages and prepares students to put themselves out there in the work field. The national organization bridges the gap in networking and also hosts conferences where all national members can attend and gain knowledge on all things Mass Com.

The DSU chapter of NABJ is up and running now and will be growing slowly throughout the next few days. The organization has recently elected its President, Vice President, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries and Treasurer. Reigning as President is Tiffany Langhorne, an NABJ member and previously Vice President of the DSU Chapter.  Accompanying her will be Ayana Nwozo (Vice president), Briea Dorsey (Treasurer), Janaya Richards (Corresponding Secretary), Raven Perry (Recording Secretary) and MS. NABJ, Kaylynn Pride. NABJ is still accepting members and is looking for a MR.NABJ as well.


Chair of Mass Communications, Professor, NABJ and PRSSA Advisor Dr. Edelin with NABJ new members.

“I want NABJ to be a prominent force on campus and want to be an organization that other organizations can come to for media coverage. I’d like for NABJ to collaborate and work with all different types of organizations on campus, including the many different music and art clubs, ” stated Dr. Edelin. 

“I’m excited to get back to assisting young journalists prepare for the workforce and if one wants a degree in Mass Com he/she will want to take part in these organizations. We need active and engaging students to take part in the opportunity,” Dr. Edelin added. 

Potential members at the meeting last week discussed goals for the semester and what they are looking forward to. Talks of different events and programs that NABJ can host throughout the semester are what most members are looking forward to. In addition to producing their own journalist content that they can use for their portfolios and work to show employers.

The members in NABJ want to continue to have and attend several events as they have in the past, including NASCAR and their ‘Speaker series” event. No matter the major, students within the organization can participate in producing content and in the events that are planned for the semester. 

“I feel like getting NABJ up and running is very important right now,” member Kaylynn Pride stated. 

“We have been mute for a long time now, and we can finally get to help out a lot of students who need orgs like us to host events regarding the mass com career field. The goal is to make an impact while enhancing our own knowledge. And keeping this org ongoing for the next set of black journalists, is a goal we all need try and uphold,” she added.

NABJ is always welcoming new members. The organization meets every Thursday in the ETV building, room 138. 

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