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DSU Placing Safety First during Active Shooter Drill

Monet Ford 

On Tuesday, January 21st, 2020, Delaware State University held an Active Shooter Drill. The drill was held in the University’s Price Building, at around 11 am. The active-shooter drill was conducted by DSU’s Campus Police department and taken seriously. While the drill was taking place in the Price Building, it was live-streamed and shown in the Martin Luther King Student Center. 

In the end, there was no hurt, harm, or danger brought to any faculty or staff during the scare. However, It brought light to a place where it was once dark. Taylor Johnson student at DSU stated “ Last year’s Active shooter drill was very unorganized and it gave me the chills”.



U Campus Police accompanied by Delaware State Police during Active Shooter Drill

 This year, the drill was more organized and from start to finish went smoothly. Student, Zaniyah Swan stated “ I’m happy we have these types of drills at DSU because a lot of places do not.” Overall, Delaware State University’s Police department put forth a great effort to keep our campus safe. Always check Delaware State’s website for up and coming drills so you can be properly prepared.

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