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DSU Conrad hall hosts wing night.

Corey St. John

Delaware states student body Absolutely loves going out to the annual wing night. Usually hosted by a fraternity or sorority, or anyone else that would like to host. Wing night happens every Thursday evening in Conrad dining hall around 8pm.

This Thursday, January 30th in Conwell hall, at 8pm is wing night! This event will be hosted by the DMV club and they picked a student, known as “DJ Omilly,” to be the DJ. Brooks Parker, a sophomore said, “I am most definitely going to this week’s wing night, I’ve been waiting for this.”

Wing night is full of great music, laughter and a cookout- like atmosphere. People say wing night has brought tons of people together and truly is a hornet tradition. Junior Alexander Lozano was asked  how he feels about less wing nights this semester and he said, “it’s sad that the school isn’t promoting the event no more because it was a big part of our culture in the past.” And he seems to be one out of a bunch that has the same mindset.

Junior, Alexander Lozano said, ” If you want good wings and a great party like environment for a night after a long day of classes, you should check Conrad dining hall Thursday at 8pm. “np1

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