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Delaware State University Police Conducts Active Shooter Exercise

Jo-Musulyn Banks


Armed DSU Police going through the building (Photo taken by Carlos Holmes)

On January 21, 2020, the Delaware State University Police Department led Active Shooter Exercise, from 11am to 12pm. This exercise took place on the first floor of the Price Building, which was live-streamed in Parlor C of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center. 


The purpose of the Active Shooter Exercise was to train the officers and dispatchers, while educating the campus community in an event of an active shooter. The initial idea came from the Student Government Association.

Chief Downes of the Delaware State University Police Department says, “The exercise is something we are constantly training for. Unfortunately, a number of these types of incidents are taking place in college universities.” 

The Active Shooter Exercise consisted of two classrooms, where the active shooter would enter one classroom filled with students, and the other classroom would hear gunshots and immediately take action to protect themselves. 

According to Chief Downes, “there were cameras set up in the hallways and classrooms, where anyone in Delaware State University could view the Active Shooter Exercise in real time.”


IMG_9668 (2).JPG

The Police checking the room occupants (Photo taken by Carlos Holmes)

For many students like Quincee Tellis, it’s important to take precautions for an active shooter scenario. “In September, there was an active shooting scare during homecoming and most students were not prepared,” Tellis says. 

Chief Downes strongly believes in planning ahead in case of an active shooter. “Always be aware, where ever you are in a room, look around you. Know where the entry and exit points are in a room,” Chief Downes says.



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