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Companion Champions Holds its First Interest Meeting

Dominique Selby

Photos: @champions_dsu

The Companion Champions held its first interest meeting on Monday January 20, 2020. The meeting was held in the Tubman Laws Hall, Glass Lounge. During the meeting current and prospective members met the board, learned about the organization, and future events to look forward to in the spring semester.


Interest meeting; @champions_dsu

Companion Champions is an organization on campus that focuses on kids in the foster care system and those that have an experience with foster care in Delaware.

During the Monday meeting prospective members got to meet the current board, participated in ice breakers, and received information about upcoming plans. Most of the meeting was led by president Mayda Berrios.

One of the activities that will start on February 7, 2020 is foster care Friday. Started by Miss. Companion Champions, Foster Care Friday’s will highlight a student that has been through the foster care system. According to the Companion Champion Instagram page, foster care Friday will “acknowledge their achievements, strength, and a little personal information.”

On Thursday January 30, 2020 the organization will hold its first event. The event is a vision board party in the Education Humanities building from 7-9 pm.

The organization also plans on hosting wing night on February 13, 2020 in Conrad dining hall, an Easter eggs hunt for the local children, and possibly implementing a mentorship program.


Foster Care Friday Flyer; @champions_dsu

When asked “What do kids that have been in the foster care system have to look forward to at college in Delaware?” The president, Mayda Berrios replied, “So right now we are working on Foster Care Friday’s which is an opportunity for us to show basically a highlight those DSU students that are currently here that are in foster care because at the end of the day were doing stuff for kids off of campus, but we also need to recognize those that are on campus that made it to college because the rate for high school graduation is about fifty percent so for them to get to college is already an accomplishment in itself.”

Mayda was also asked about other occasions that will affect foster kids. Her response was “some students in the organization will be attending the Youth Advisory Council which is where foster care kids in the state of Delaware come together every month to discuss ways to improve it and give inspiration and do activities and games, just to give them hope about college.”

President Mayda Berrios attended the Governors State of the State Address. It was announced that in the next few months foster kids in the state of Delaware will be able to go to college for free.


Governor Carney, Delaware State University President Dr. Tony Allen, and Companion Champion President, Mayda Berrios




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