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A testy start for DSU Basket ball

Jacques “Dinero” Doby

Delaware State University’s Hornets basketball team lost its most recent game at home to NC A&T with a score of 98-77. This will turn out to be the team’s 15th loss, dropping them to 8th in the standings.

John Crosby, Otherwise known as number 24, led the hornets in offense with 28 total points, followed by teammate, Myles Carter, with 14 points.

Leroy Moore from the hornets bench  said that “defense is the key, we let the game begin to slip in the second half because we got soft of defense, we look exhausted and it’s showing.”

 Adarius Diggs from the crowd had some interesting concerns on why the team may have lost this game. Diggs, said, “We did a good job at finding good quality shots in the first half, but the Aggies found a way to defend our offense. We need to stop settling for the shots they want us to take and continue to create our own.”

The Delaware State University Hornets are having anything but a successful season this year, but there is still time to turn around and mount a run. With their next game being Jan. 25th against NC Central, the Hornets will be looking to improve their defensive play and find better quality shots in order to bring home a victory. 


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