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Nyah Sutherland

Recently, The Hornet Newspaper stopped by WDSU Radio: ‘The Hive’ to get exclusive access on all that happens at Delaware State University Radio Station. WDSU Radio gives students at Delaware State University, who look forward to pursuing opportunities in Mass Media, great hand-on  experience within the radio

WDSU Radio: ‘The Hive’ also has different teams that run the station. These teams are   people with different avenues and personalities within the station. For example, if a person is interested in serving others, the Community Service team would be a phenomenal way to help that person serve others. These  teams are the On-air team, the Public Relations team, the Media Relations Team, and the Community Service team.

WDSU is not only home to radio shows, but also provides community service outlets such as a mentoring program with the Sankofa kids , strong relations with dempco and our volunteering services at the NASCAR race track. Students often feel uncomfortable about having their own radio show, because they feel  they’re not qualified due to the advanced equipment in the station or any aspect of the departments offered. But no need to worry, because the station gives students the opportunity to excel by providing training and expert tips from department management and also previous members.

Training is provided by experienced station managers for would-be on-air personalities They learn about computers, how to play music, and how to utilize all technology available in the station. Also, they plan community programs and events.

Jared Jeffrey, (24), the WDSU Station Manager gave insight about how he became involved in the radio station. Along with being the station manager, Jeffrey is a DJ who goes by the name “DJ Absolute.” Jeffrey started DJing in 2012 at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School at 18 years old. “I enjoyed making people feel good during parties and making everything LIT” he revealed as his reason for becoming a DJ.


As Jeffrey was a transfer student from University at Albany to Delaware State University, he discussed how he became involved in the radio station. “When I came to DSU I wanted to see what opportunities were available to me.” In September, as Jeffrey was exploring the campus, he came across the ETV building which holds class for students majoring in Mass Communications. “I was randomly checking out the building, and then, BOOM! I found out there was a radio station. It was set from there.”

Jeffrey began hosting radio segments, helping out around the station, DJ’d and implemented new ideas for the station. Because of his hard work, Jeffrey landed an opportunity as the station manager for the 2019-2020 academic school year. When asked what he liked about being a radio station manager, Jeffrey said, “I love mentoring my colleagues in the radio station and being that brotherly figure that they can look up to.” One huge misconception of the radio station is that all shows are more social and only target one set of audience; however, one show catches various listeners every week. The ‘Breakthrough Broadcast’ is a spiritual show where hosts’ Marco Robinson and Lindsi Wynn discuss topics  relating to spirituality.


Marco Robinson and Lindsi Wynn

Robinson and Wynn are both spiritual leaders on the campus of Delaware State University serving as President and Vice President of F.O.R.C.E. Ministries. F.O.R.C.E. Ministries stands for Focusing on Renewing Christ-like Existence where the students of Delaware State University have the opportunity to experience the love of Christ. Robinson was asked about what he enjoyed about hosting the show and he said, “I love having deep and intimate conversations and applying Jesus in the midst of these topics.” Wynn, who is the founder of Breakthrough Broadcast, expressed her reason behind creating a spiritual show saying, “I’ve been a part of ministry my entire life and I wanted to bring something new to the radio station as I realized there was nothing like it in there before.”

Members of F.O.R.C.E. Ministries did an interview with WDSU Radio: ‘The Hive’ to discuss the ministry. F.O.R.C.E. member, Corban Weatherspoon said, “I love going to F.O.R.C.E. because everything that they talk about is so relatable to what I’m going through or how I’m feeling in that specific moment. Sequann Daniels, another member of F.O.R.C.E. said: “It’s an experience like no other. They’re always talking about things that apply to my life.”

By this show breaking barriers and shocking the campus of Delaware State University, it made many students reach out and try to take a shot at the station to see if they can find their calling there as well. One student who was a huge fan of the religious show spoke to us about how the station made a huge impact on her life as well. Kamaya Cockey, (19), the leader of the Public Relations Team discussed her time in WDSU Radio. “I have been a part of the radio station since my freshman year, and I feel like I am growing tremendously,” adding: “the station is like a second home to me and I love that I can connect with different people.”

The Station is not only made for the students of the Mass Communications department, but also for a community bigger than just them. The students use the station to try to spread awareness around campus about the things college kids should keep up – to – date with. The Hive is one huge family and take pride in the things they do and are always encouraging and recruiting at any time.

Want to join the station? Stop by there in the ETV building anytime!

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