Are youth sports too intense?

Angelina McGhee

Parents want their kids to play sports. When we were younger our parents put sports 1.jpegus in sports. Whether it was soccer, basketball or track, we all tried it. In these times parents are beginning to think sports are too intense for children. But putting them in sports are a great way to grow and learn.

Kids playing sports helps boost their self-esteem. A great way to boost a child’s confidence is by putting them in sports. Putting your kids in sports helps even the shyest of kids. Everyone learns social skills while playing and being on a team. Kids learn from watching and interacting with other kids.

            Teamwork and leadership skills is an important thing to learn as a ksports2.jpegid. Learning those things at an early age will help them as they get older. Kids will learn that people and their team are relying on them. They learn how to commit at a young age.

Childhood obesity is prevalent these days. says “The prevalence of obesity was 18.5% and affected about 13.7 million children and adolescents.”

Playing sports will keep the kids physically active. It will help them become better athletes. Usually practices and games are two to three hours long and happen multiple times a week.

Team sports also help keep the kids busy. Now that they have a sport to play they will not be sitting around in the house being bored. Instead of coming home after school and playing video games, they are going to practices and games. Playing sports is a good way for children to get the energy out. After school they are running around with teammates. Then come home relaxed and ready to do homework. Kids who play sports have higher grades in school.

Your child might be the next Serena Williams or Stephen Curry. Their love for sports could put them through college. They might even play professionally. Starting them in sports at a young age could open that opportunity for them. Playing sports also helps academically. A number of studies highlight how exercise can have a direct influence on

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their success at school.

Prioritizing is an important aspect of children playing sports. You will have to bring them to and from practice. Bring them to games that might be close to home or far. You have to make sure they have the right equipment and make sure that their grades are still good. School is still a major priority. Kids will learn how to manage their schedule and multi task.

Children committing to playing sports will help them later in life as well. Making a commitment to playing sports teaches them how important it is to make and keep commitments. Everything and everyone has to make commitments.Your child being involved with sports will improve their well-being. Physically and mentally your child will learn.

I think that youth sports are perfect for children. The level children play at are not too intense. Parents should make sure that it does not get too intense for the child. It is a great thing to grow and learn from.

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