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Creating Unity Resulting in Voluptuous Empowerment

Kayla Bennett

The Curve


Carla Jones

Founded in 2011, Delaware State University’s The C.U.R.V.E (Creating Unity Resulting in Voluptuous Empowerment) is an organization dedicated to empower all women on campus and in the community. The Curve is for all women no matter what size, shape, or color to come together and lift each other up through a bond of sisterhood. 

“The goal is to foster a community of unity, self-love, and empowerment amongst African American women” – Curve President Cayla Jones

Redemption Season is the theme for this year of The Curve. The board members are making many changes to make the organization have a bigger impact on the DSU community.

“This year, I am the only returning board member. I put my heart and soul into this organization to get It from under the negative light. This year, we changed everything!! Nothing is the same as last year which is working out in our benefit. This year I want us to bond, I want the members to feel comfortable around us and I want everybody to feel the support and love from this organization.” – Curve President Cayla Jones


The “Curve Week” was full of events by The Curve that brought women on campus together to bond in a judgment-free zone and get to know what the organization was about. All of the events were held in the Jenkins classroom or the MLK parlors.

The Curve has diverse events. We have dance classes, empowerment events, reality TV show games, informationals, and a lot of collaborations.

Being Mental Health Awareness month, the first event of “Curve Week” was to have all involved release any struggles that they were holding onto and begin a positive week. During “Turning the Page” everyone received a balloon and was able to write down any negative feelings to with they released the balloons–therefore, getting rid of the bad energy from their lives. The beautiful ceremony was a safe place where women could share their troubles and get support from their sisters. 


The next event was all about friendship. Any relationship is hard and no person is perfect, so this event was a great place to get a second opinion on situations you are going through with friends. “What About Your Friends” was an open discussion where everyone answered questions, shared stories, and gave advice on friendship.

“Sex Talk” was an event about safe sex practices. This was a refresher for everyone on how to protect themselves from the dangers of sex. Members played games to test their knowledge, and shared tips on staying clean. 

The Curve’s next event was “Sisterhood”. This was a bonding opportunity for the group. The theme of sisterhood is important to this organization, so during the event, everyone was able to become a mentor or a mentee. 

“Chat and Chew” was a smaller event for Curve members only. Here the girl’s ate their dinner together as sisters as well as played bonding games.

To close off the week, The Curve had a group photo with members and everyone who came out to support “Curve Week.”

The Curve strives to bring the community together. “Curve Week” was only the start of more amazing events that will take place. Redemption Season will be the change that puts The Curve on the map.

“I want campus to know that we do more than empower. That’s why I brought on 3 committees. I want us to give back to the community by mentoring, give back by feeding the homeless, and fundraise to make sure we can help anyone in need. We can achieve these goals by strategic planning and having a team of motivated hard working people.”- Cayla Jones


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