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DSU’s Jewel Phillips is Here to Motivate and Prosper.

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Jewel Phillips, Delaware State Universities 2019’2020′ Miss Sophomore.

“I am growing, I am evolving, I am me,” Delaware State Universities Jewel Philips stated. Jewel Phillips is a 19-year-old sophomore from New Jersey. Miss Phillips serves as Miss Sophomore for the 2019’ 2020’ academic school year. She is a Mass Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations. A hard-working and active woman on campus, with a desire to help motivate and inspire students at DSU. Today she sat with us and gave a better insight into the woman she is today.

Hornet: Can we get to meet the woman behind the face?

Where were you born and what was your upbringing like?

Jewel: I was born in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. I grew up in a nice community, raised by a single mother. I come from a large family.

Hornet: Who has been the greatest influence in your life that has impacted the woman you are today?

Jewel: My mom has been the largest influence, she sacrificed a lot for my sister and me. She is a big part of who I am today.

Hornet: What about your family?

Jewel: I have lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family. They have all shown me so much love and support.

Hornet: Can you tell us of your goals or life ambition?

Jewel: My goals in life, I would say being successful in whatever career I choose. Being in Mass Communications you can do pretty much anything. I want to become a corporate PR specialist & eventually go to law school for entertainment law.

Hornet: Can you tell us of your education experience prior to attending Delaware State University?

Jewel: I went to Lenape Regional High School in Medford, New Jersey. I also had a job at Panera Bread.

Hornet: What was the most memorable point at that school?

Jewel: I was much more involved outside of school because I didn’t like my high school so I didn’t participate in the extracurricular activities that often.

Hornet: Is this where you thought you’d be 5 or so years ago?

Jewel: Yes and no. I wanted to attend an ivy league or Howard university but it’s not too late.

Hornet: What informed your decision on running for Miss Sophomore?

Jewel: I previously served as Freshman class president. I was already involved in leadership and on campus. My mentor, Fatima Edwards influenced me to run for the position. 

Hornet: What are your plans for the future as Miss Sophomore?

Jewel: My plans for this semester is honestly to just motive students to get out there. I have been involved on campus and I want to bring all students along to get involved and be successful in whatever they choose. For the future, I am kind of just focusing on one step at a time. I feel like when you focus on too much on the next move you kind of ignore the position you are in now at the moment.

Hornet: What kind of advice would you offer a student, who is undecided on his or her career path?

Jewel: I would say my favorite quote, “Be in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” So instead of going after what’s going to make you the most money go after what’s going to make you happy.

Hornet: How would you describe the state of higher education in America today?



Jewel Phillips

Jewel: I would say the star of higher education is in shambles right now because it is way too expensive these days. It is hard for students to pay and continue going to school. I feel like there is a lack of support in this system and since going to college is necessary nowadays I think we need more guidance.

Hornet: Have you ever traveled outside of the United States? Where, and how does life outside compare to that in the US?

Jewel: I have, I had the opportunity of going to Cuba this past summer. Life was completely different, I saw a lot of poverty and a lack of funding for the education system.

Hornet: What does the future hold for America?

Jewel: In this political climate, I am not sure. But, I do hope the cost of education and health care goes down.

Hornet: Are you interested in politics? If no, why not? What is your take on the state of politics and the future of American democracy?

Jewel: I am interested in politics to an extent. Lately, to me, Democracy is going downhill and I have checked out sadly. Although, I’m still going to vote. I just feel like I am not as interested because of this political climate and who our President is. It just seems like a circus to me.

Hornet: What are your hobbies or extracurricular activities?

Jewel: I am currently serving as Miss Sophomore at my university. I also am Recording Secretary for FORCE ministries, a member of Women’s Senate and an Honors Program ambassador.

Hornet: How would you describe your philosophy of life? That is, how do you see this life and what principles get you grounded and moving forward?

Jewel: I believe that life is short and we should live it the way God planned. Enjoy the ride because greatness is a decision available to everybody.

Hornet: Let us end this interview with a memorable quote from you. How would you describe yourself to the world? Complete the sentence: I am…

Jewel: I am growing. I am evolving. I am Me!

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